36 Reasons: Posted 8-30-2010

There are more than 36 reasons why I love my husband but that's the number I stopped at since it was his 36th birthday after all. I thought it was a good sign that I could come up with more. :) 

I wanted to share this cute birthday garland idea because I saw how much joy it brought to both of us. This would also be a wonderful surprise for anniversaries or for kid's birthdays. I'm sure you could use the date in place of the age if necessary.  

I found the idea for this birthday garland on this wonderful blog Inchmark and added my own personal touch.  I hung the 36 notes starting from the doorway he entered, wrapped them around our kitchen, continued on to the rail of our deck, and had the final card placed on his birthday gift near where we'd be enjoying dinner. 

Each note had a reason why I loved him written on the inside.  When we took the notes down, they were placed in an envelope with 36 hearts printed on the front to match the notes. I hope this inspires you to show someone how much you love them!

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