Style A Day for Photoshop: Posted 8-27-2010

Luv a freebie? Check out Photoshop Style a Day to receive these great styles! Most are only available for free for the first 48 hours after release so sign-up for the emails. Photoshop styles are super easy to use, don't be scared. 

  • Simply download the style file (personal use = freebie! commercial use = only $2.00)
  • Open your photoshop creation and either select or make a type layer. The cool part it that your text can remain live. Great for revisions!
  • Go to your styles palette (if hidden, go to windows > styles)
  • Click the options bar under your styles palette and select load styles
  • Once that new style is loaded (few seconds) you can select your text layer again and click the style you'd like to apply from the styles palette. And voila!

Don't forget to play around with different fonts and sizes to get the result you're looking for. Now go play!

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