Sketchbook Phobia is a Real Problem Posted 8-18-2010

Pretty sketchbooks scare me. Period. Same with bathtubs but we won't go there.
I have several sketchbooks sitting on a shelf that I haven't been able to get past the first page. Give me scrap paper, a napkin, a receipt - anything but a perfect-in-every-way sketchbook. Please... it's pure torture to make those first marks. It really is. 

So the even bigger dilemma is what to do with the scribbles of ideas strewn out all over my desk. Part of me wants them organized while the other part of me wants to add to the mess - keep scribbling - keep brainstorming! 

Then the reality of a having a messy desk hits again. So I'm blogging instead. 
Procrastination has never been a problem for me. :)

this guy has the right idea  photo via

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