Fireflies listed as Top 10 Invitations in 2010

I'm so excited to see that "Fireflies" was listed as one of the top ten most memorable wedding invitations of 2010 by!!! This design has truly been my pride and joy for the past year. It's everything I love wrapped into one design - it's magical, nostalgic, simple and romantic! I've sold 50 suites just in the beginning of February (woo hoo!) and my fingers are crossed that they will continue to sell these next few months before summer weddings begin.


  1. I love this design and wanted to get it...but Minted doesn't ship to Canada! So it won't happen. Nice work though.
    Vancouver | Canada

  2. What fonts did you use in these invitations? They are beautiful!

  3. Cadence,

    My fiancée and I are using your "Fireflies" theme on our wedding website through We love it and were wondering if you might be able to submit an identical theme but with the same color of purple as the wedding invitations you have for sale. That purple is the primary color for our wedding, so it would be awesome if our website could match it (if it isn't too much trouble for you).


    -Michael & Mickey

  4. Lisasj - Thank you! I'm sorry they don't ship to Canada.

    Michael - Congrats on your upcoming wedding! While I'd love to help you out, Minted was the one who created the template you found on from my design files. You could always contact them and see if that is an option??? Best of luck on everything!

    Jessica - Thanks for the compliment! The fonts were Adios Script, Nofret, Adobe Jenson Pro. Just FYI - you can find a list of fonts that were used on any design by looking at the original file submitted on Minted. :)

  5. Hi Cadence,

    I love your work, it is simply lovely! Do you happen to design logos or custom work for businesses at all? I am a photographer and looking for something unique as my logo for my website that we are building. If you do,I would love just get some info. -Thanks, Alisha email:

  6. Love your design. We're using "Fireflies."
    Mike and Michelle
    Easton, Pa.

  7. Hi Cadence, we love your firefly design and are using it on our mywedding website. We would love to use your design for our save the date postcards, but minted doesn't do postcards right now. Do you work with another printing company that makes postcards?