It's been a while... Posted 6-9-2010

It's been way too long since my last post - guilty as charged. Since then, I've...

- Celebrated the big 29 with my closest girlfriends on a trip to Florida. My birthday was technically in February but we decided to take a trip to celebrate all of our birthdays this year - before we turn 30 (or before kids.) We had a wonderful time! 

- The hubby and I finally moved into our home! Technically we've been living in remodel mayhem for several months, but it feels so good to have all of our furniture out of storage. I've heard it can take months to settle in so I'm trying my hardest to squelch the perfectionist in me and just be patient. What's another few months of mayhem, right?

- Been staying busy with freelance work, mostly for a client that rhymes with shmerkins and is known for pancakes. :) They're a loyal client and a good group of people to work with! I feel blessed for being able to do what I do from home. Plus the flexibility definitely helped with all the moving projects we've tackled in the last two years.

- Surprised to see one of my Minted submissions for the Make a Wish Birthday Party Challenge on Design Mom! - it's #4. I submitted three designs last minute so I was very surprised to hear any of them got recognition. My other pottery party design received an editor's pick - yay!

- And lastly, as promised - SATC2! Saw it on opening night with two of my closest friends. The event entailed SATC look-a-like drag queens, cosmos, and a fashion show - how fun is that! We enjoyed the movie regardless of the reviews and that's all that really mattered. Here's a pic of us with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. lol

That's it for now!

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